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Written By: Arose N Daghetto 


Love taught me to see things

I refused to see

It coaxed me to ingest theories

that defy my beliefs

and behave in contrast

to my biblical upbringing.


Love showed me culture

in the uterus of mother diaspora

who salvaged my maiden name

from the dying pulse of America’s holocaust.


Love taught me how to kneel


on naked knees

to pray in the mud

with a quiet mind

and a wrinkle-free conscience.


Love taught me how to press my face

against the earth’s battered belly

and listen for rain

and the hunger pangs of thunder.

To be grateful

for the rain that came and went

should there be no more rain,



Love taught me how to be creative

in my afflictions.

It taught me how to take notes

from life’s verses

in its bowels of pestilence.


Love taught me to manifest liberation

out of the things I can’t see,



or smell.


Love taught me how to behave

by using the venom of my ghettotude

as a roux that brings together

the ingredients of empathy and gentility

brewing in the gathering pot.


Love taught me to be patient,

gentle and tending…

to be an empty cup ready to be filled

at the table for one.


Love taught me the art of giving

and receiving.

It taught me the irony of earning the


without losing the best,

and still manage to make something

out of nothing.


Love has been my prophecy

my apocalypse

and my revelation

in the dawning of night.

But my resurrection

and ascension

in the dawning of day.


Love taught me how to think as love


speak as love speaks

reason as love reasons

and subside where love subsists.


Love taught me many things.

But most of all,

love showed me the gain of life

through the loss of you.



Poem (Not picture) Copyright ©2018 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.


Longing For…. 

Written By: Arose N Daghetto 


A tender stroll along the pearly coastline

hand in hand with the white hot sun…


A stream of whispers falling down my neck

as the sea brush kisses all around my ankles… 


Feeling time cruise between my fingers

and the breeze circling its hands around my waist…


Feeling goosebumps reaching up my arms 

as the tides rush up and grab my thighs…


The shade of a tree swaying to and fro

cooling me down and drying me off…


An au revoir from my sarong while the sun recedes

an unwind of my hair to fall with the night…


A peaceful prayer over my battered heart

As I leave this paradise to return blakistan…




Poem (Not picture) Copyright ©2018 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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Written by: Arose N Daghetto


A voice crying out in the wilderness
Thrice called but never chosen.
Sandy thoughts on a vacant moon,
a dreamweaver passing threads without a shuttle.


The cold duck bleeding on the table and not in a glass
An unripe coconut that never fell from a palm tree
The wise man who never shared his Samuelite wisdom
A village elder who never mentored at least one son.


A griot who never shared his music or his stories
A Doña who never tasted the crumbs of respect
A virgin fed chastity with a dirty spoon
The bloodline without a vein or an heir to flow through.


Such words can be said about a repressed human being
Who breathes in reverse
and speaks in contra
killing every living organism
that tries to resuscitate
an idle mind dying inside someone
who never learned how to speak.




Poem (Not pictures) Copyright ©2018 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.


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Breathe Into Me

Written by: Arose N Daghetto



Breathe into me
high frequencies of possibility
The gift of hope is everything
to a wounded soldier.



Breathe into me
the life force of human nature
Give me more than just a touch
from lukewarm fingertips.



Breathe into me
the colors of emotion
Grab the rainbow from the sky
and swaddle me in every shade.



Breathe into me
the power of forgiveness
Love me so ferociously
that I forget about every man who abandoned me.



Breathe into me
the virtue of masculinity
Bind the curse of my stubborn ignorance
by being a man far more precious than rubies.



Breathe into me
the wealth of your leadership
the way a lighthouse draws in a shipwrecked night
and a honeycomb draws in an army of bitter bees.



Breathe into me
Something that money can’t buy
no other woman can touch
no society can ostracize
no bureaucracy can confine
and no intelligence can contain.



Breathe into me
something no landlord can evict
no bank can repossess
no court can sentence
no officer can lock up
and no tax man can seize.



Breathe into me
that God created man to transfer
into the woman who’s anointed to be his bride.



Breathe into me…
and ever,



Poem (Not picture) Copyright ©2018 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.



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What He Didn’t Know
Written by Arose N Daghetto


He didn’t know
that although we were practically strangers
I fell in love with him
the moment I laid eyes on him.


He didn’t know
that during our friendship
the tough girl in me fought
with the vulnerable woman who thought she was in control
of who she loved.


He didn’t know
that although I am a selfless woman who gives too much
I was selfish when it came to him…
I wanted him all to myself.


He didn’t know
that pieces of me died
with every woman he gave his heart and body to…


He didn’t know
that while he slept in his woman’s arms
basking in the afterglow
I held my pillow tight tortured by fantasies
of what will never come to pass…


He didn’t know
that to this day I look back and wonder
were my feelings for him truly love or simply infatuation.
My spirit is still going through withdrawals….


He didn’t know
How I couldn’t face him and tell him the truth
because I couldn’t bear another body slam of rejection
from yet another man my heart ached for…


He would never know that it was him
who shed light in the darkest places of my soul
and who without laying a single finger on me
he touched me in places
that lost the ability to feel for many years
He knew me… in a righteous way
without us ever coming face to face.

This is what he didn’t know…


Poem (Not picture) Copyright ©2018 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.


2011-10-06 11.51.55

Part 2: The conclusion of Q&A session with author Arose N Daghetto on her book Anger Management:A Collection of Urban Poetry and her journey as a writer….

Q: Will you be publishing any more poetry books in the future?

A: Most definitely. I have a number of unpublished poems ready to go at a later date. I’m just focusing now on the novellas and fiction writing for now. There’s plenty of poems one can find on both my personal blog, Arose N Daghetto and my professional blog Literature Voodoo. On my Literature Voodoo blog I have mostly my poetry but it also has some of my personally favorite poems written by other great writers of various backgrounds, Spanish, Native America, Hawaiian. So in showcasing some of my work, I wanted to also showcase the great work of other wonderful writers. As a writer, I like to take the spotlight off me to shine it on other great talents. I enjoy supporting the hard work of other writers and celebrating their accomplishments. The literary industry is huge. It’s packed with so many wonderful people with so many diverse gifts. It’s a blast to be a part of that world and break bread at the same table.

Q: Do you see yourself being on the best seller’s list one day?

A: My main goal is to write what is in my heart and in the belly of my soul. Whether that makes me a gem in human civilization or an outcast is not a priority interest of mine. Sometimes you’re the last one picked for the team. Maybe my book will make the best sellers list, maybe it won’t. Not everyone in the schoolyard is going to play with you, hence not everyone is going to buy and support my book. I respect that. Maybe I’ll write something that will earn me a Pulitzer Prize, maybe not. One thing is for certain, no matter what falls down and how, I’m still going to keep writing regardless.

Q: What is your advice to other writers out there?

A: My advice to writers out there is just be you. Write like an escape convict who hopped the bob wired fence and took off running, not looking back. Break the sound barrier in your writing, test the limits, when necessary exceed the limits. Just do what you have to do to get that first draft done. Do it. Be it. See it through. Not everyone in school liked you as a friend so not everyone is going to like you as a writer

You have to write what is screaming inside of you & you have to put it out there at face value. You can’t botch it up or chop & screw the masterpiece so that it fits into the box some literary agent or publisher or demographic of people set out in front of you. If you do, your spirit will not rest. It will keep you up at night, it will make you feel like you got this big huge rock sitting in the middle of your chest and you feel like you can’t breath, like you’re having a panic attack. You have to just be and let the words flow out of your heart and through your hands. You’re not doing anyone any favor being someone you’re not, so why punish yourself by being a writer you’re not. Trust me, if you do that, your writing career won’t last very long. And if you can manage being a facade writer for a long time, expect many…many meltdowns. So my advice is simply just be you, unleash your creativity and give your readers what they pay for. It doesn’t matter whether your following is huge or small. Don’t insult their intelligence or yours by writing against your free will.

Q: How do you feel about your writing journey standing where you are now?

A: I feel great. I’m very proud of myself for staying the course for so many years and never giving up no matter how discouraged I got. I’m proud that I kept pushing through all the return to senders I got in the mail where literary agents didn’t bother to open my query. I’m proud that I kept my head up and pushed even harder when some literary agents were tacky enough to send parts of my letter back to me with some scribbling saying they weren’t interested. I’m damn proud that I didn’t let them, publishers, peers, critics or anyone else discourage me from giving up on doing a role I felt I was born to do which is writing. With or without representation, I made my presence known in the world. My work is out there through various channels. I’m not mainstream yet, but I will be. I have no doubt that in years to come, some high school student will be reading my writings and on a college campus somewhere, some college professor will be holding a lecture about me and the legacy I left behind in the world of literature. I rest in certainty of knowing that in my obscurity, I have made a contribution, it’s just that the other 85% of the world hasn’t caught on yet. I’m already a legend. In time it will be affirmed. My work will see to it that it’s done.

Author Q&A with Arose N Daghetto
From Black Girl Down Publications
©Copyright 2014 By Arose N Daghetto and Black Girl Down Publications. All rights reserved.

2011-10-06 11.51.55

Author Arose N Daghetto sits down to answer her some of her fans’ most frequently asked questions about her book Anger Management:A Collection of Urban Poetry and her journey as a writer….

Q: How would you describe the type of writer you are?

Arose N Daghetto: In terms of…?

Q: Are you a socially conscious writer, a politically correct writer, a writer of all seasons…

Arose N Daghetto : I don’t see myself as any specific type of writer. I’m not a politically correct person nor am I a politically correct writer. Sometimes I write on the left, sometimes on the right and in the middle. I write whatever my heart tells me to write. If my conscience is going mad inside of me, nagging me to speak up about something I rather keep silent about and deal with privately then guess what, my conscience wins. Much of what I write about is from personal experiences of either myself or someone I know. I have a soft spot for the forgotten and the underestimated. Those are the people I give voice to….and that includes myself. If it so happens that what I speak about tends to sway towards a certain economical sect of people or identity well…it is what it is.

Q: Is there a particular genre you like to write about more than others?

Arose N Daghetto: It’s hard to say. I like writing things in the spiritual/ fantasy genres, romance and cultural genres…. some historical from time to time. In my earlier writings was in the romance genre with a strong, sometimes gritty urban essence to it. Periodically I would delve into the spiritual/historical genre. My first play “Let My People Free!” which was presented at Brown University‘s Rites & Reasons Theater, that was a spiritual/historical play. “Lessons on Manhood” was a short story/poem I wrote for a Caribbean Studies class assignment, based on a man reminiscing over a rare heart to heart talk he had with his father in Jamaica where he learned some important life lessons on being a man and a provider for his family. I have that poem published in on my Literature Voodoo blog. It’s been one of my favorite poems to this day. “Let My People Free”, “Lessons in Manhood” and “An Incident That Happened on the Back Steps of St. Bell’s Chapel” are all spiritual writings I wrote in my late teens before going on an hiatus in that category to write more romance/urban based literature. But you also will find a lot of spiritual references in my book “Anger Management: A Collection of Urban Poetry”. Some poems I wrote in an elderly woman’s voice, some I wrote in a 1960’s protester’s voice, some I wrote in spiritual guardian voice, some in a masculine voice, etc.

Q: So you would say that you are romance writer at this time?

Arose N Daghetto: Not solely, Currently, my writings still fits the romance category but I’ve been leaning much, much harder on the spiritual category. Right now I’m looking into fusing my spiritual/fantasy writings with a little sci fi stuff. I banned myself sci fi and mystery books because I always thought those genres were for nerdy people, like those folks who took geometry and calculus in school, you know? Folks attended Star Trek and Comic Book conventions. I was a nerd in my own right, ironically, but not in any of those “stereotypical” things. I never thought a day would come when I would want to sci fi or mystery books, but as you mature as a writer other avenues tend to open up to you on the journey.

Q: How soon will we get to see your first sci fi book?

Arose N Daghetto: Eh, no time soon. I’m still acquainting myself with that genre and brewing over concepts to base such a book on. It will be a few years. Not too many though. Stay tuned, I’ll keep everyone posted. The verdict is still out on the mystery book venture. I’m still not fully warmed up to that one yet.

Q: Do you see yourself as a controversial writer?

Arose N Daghetto: There are readers who don’t get the stuff I write and there’s people who do. The people who do get the stuff I write about are the ones I’m interested in further developing an author-reader relationship with. They are the ones I direct my literary voice to the loudest. There’s a field and market for everyone. The field and market I am in is where I’m suppose to be in at this moment… I was born controversial. The criticism spoken about me is nothing new, I’m immune to it. In fact, the criticism only makes me write more, not less.

Q: What is your biggest vice in writing?

Arose N Daghetto: My biggest vice is turning off that editor button when I’m developing a story and writing my first draft. My perfectionism gets in the way a lot when I’m writing. It can be a struggle trying to check it at the door when I enter my work studio and keeping it there.

Q: How would you compare the writer you was, say, a decade ago to the writer you are now?

Arose N Daghetto: The writer I was a decade ago tried to write about everything and anything. There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. I tended to go into one thing then venture into something else that could make for another poem or story. Some things were quite redundant just said in a different way, then there’s some lines that didn’t make any sense at all. In my writings, I am usually my own reader and my own teacher. So I have opened myself to accept lessons on improving my writing and evolving more as a writer. These are important lessons I learned and I am still mastering. I like having my earlier writings on display along to my better writings because it shows how I evolved, it shows how I improved. No one is born flawless in any life purpose they are called to do. When you discover your purpose, you have to work on developing and perfecting that purpose. Some people accomplish this quickly, others take years to do so. Look at martial arts. The most legendary icons in martial arts weren’t born like that. It took them years and years to be great at what they did. So yes they made some mistakes, yes they fell down and hurt themselves often along the way to perfection.

Q: What are your thoughts about your debut book Anger Management: A Collection of Urban Poetry?

Arose N Daghetto: Anger Management: A Collection of Urban Poetry was a labor of love, but a roller coaster ride to say the least. I was stood up by photographers I hired for the book design and promo photos, I went through print on demand publishing services which were helpful, but the more professionally polished you want your book to be, the more money you have to keep shelling out. It was like one big up sell after another, which is great if you’re not working on a very tight budget. When you are on a tight budget, you have to choose the services made available to you wisely, copyrighting being on the very top of that list. There was some drama with the typesetting and arrangement issues, the book design formats I chose were suddenly no longer available, then the photo designs I did by my own hands were constantly being rejected by the system the print on demand publisher was using so I had to keep redoing photos and resubmitting them. A few people I knew personally whom I hired outside the print on demand publisher to proofread and edit my book at a more affordable price, did not follow through on their job as well. It was just one big fiasco. But at the end of the day, the publishing company and I found a common ground with one another, the book was published and I am very grateful to finally say I made my lifelong dream of becoming a published book author come true. The experience is also why I launched my own small publishing company, Black Girl Down Publications, which is slowly but surely evolving into an independent book publishing company.

Q: Sounds like publishing Anger Management: A Collection of Urban Poetry was a long tough road for you.

Arose N Daghetto: A long tough road that I hope I never have to walk on again, but whatever God’s will is… with every battle comes a lesson to be learned. Nothing good comes easy. If it does come easy then it’s either suspicious or not worth it.

Q: In the About the Author Section of Anger Management: A Collection of Urban Poetry, it was stated that your next book to come was Inner City Lullabies. How are things going with that book?

Arose N Daghetto: I know some of my fans have been asking me about what’s holding up the debut of Inner City Lullabies. Well, there are a few things: Publishing expenses because most literary agents and publishers are not interested in representing a book of short stories. Anger Management was a book I fought hard to get published with or without a literary agent or commercial publishing company. Inner City Lullabies will be the second book to be presented using the self publishing route again, so it’s going to take a little more time. Due to the budget I was working with the fallacy of people I enlisted to help with the grammatical polishing of the book, cover design, promotions etc., Anger Management did not shine in full reign. It was a labor of love I did as a one woman army. This time around, I want to make sure Inner City Lullabies have a much better success publication-wise first and foremost, among other things. This time with more dedicated, professional individuals that won’t burn me or try to charge me some ridiculous price in editing and proofreading my work. I am making progress so hopefully the wait will be coming to an end soon.

Stay tuned, the conclusion of this Q&A interview will be posted next week…

Author Q&A with Arose N Daghetto
From Black Girl Down Publications
©Copyright 2014 By Arose N Daghetto and Black Girl Down Publications. All rights reserved.

fox 7

He thinks I didn’t care, but I did.
He thinks I didn’t love him, but I still do.
I loved him so much that I let him go,
to be with the woman who had his heart
first and foremost.
There’s no point in holding on
to someone I can never have.
so I released him from my bosom
And let the wind carry him back to his one true love.

I know she’ll celebrate his return
like a child on Christmas morning.
In each other’s arms they’ll passionately renew
their vows of fidelity.
He’ll pull out his guitar and strum her a tune,
“mi amor, mi amor
te echo mi amor
te deseo solamente
mi querida, mi esposa…
contigo me quiero quedar…..”
and all the while, she’ll beam like a queen showered in diamonds.

If I didn’t care for him he would still be torn
between a wise and foolish woman.
If I didn’t love him he would still be drowning in dilemma;
still quietly scheming for the best day
to draw the sword of truth
and pierce it though his lover’s heart.
So I took the sterling sword from his secret place
and let him go…

As I walk through the wilderness
dressed in a black
with the sword of truth slung over my back.
the hem of my cloak brushes the earth
with dimensions of my sadness.
I pull back my hoodie to look at the moonlight
through tired morbid eyes
while descending upon Karma’s moss cradled steps
and wait for her
to pay me back for the sacrifice.

~El Esposo
(Yo amaré de nuevo )

Fox 3

Poem (not picture) ©2014 by Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.

Beach Sunset 3

The Passing of Life©

             Written by: Arose N Daghetto


The blooming of a flower gives it beauty

but the bees only notice the core

where they draw nourishment from.


The apple adorns a tree with jewels from nature

but the harvester only sees a few saved doctor visits

when he plucks it off the branches.


The roots never reach past the earth’s surface

yet everything it produces is knocked down

and their legacy is told through commercial buildings.


A boy grows with the fullness of his mother’s love

into man empty of his father’s respect

so he leaves his home to build his name in another tribe.


most people come into this life whole

and leave divided.

Yet life continues to beget life

without notice…

without pain.


Poem (not picture) ©2013 by Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.

Stripper Pole 1

Thirsty Bitches©

        ~Written by Arose N Daghetto

God bless them thirsty bitches
They hustle harder than a pimp in the summertime
Heed to water instead of blood
Slave to gratification and shun the refined.


God bless those thirsty bitches…
Punnanies of imitation gold, hearts of onyx
Take it in the back while pitchin’ pennies in a fountain
May luck never tire your feet nor the flame in your heat.


God bless them thirsty bitches,
their knives and the bleeding backs who wear their wounds.
Those hall of fame bitches who never think of growing old
Heaven forbid their well runs dry…
what would they feed their dogs?


Thirsty bitches have a harem of men
Yet still be curious about who you bringing home
Better not turn your back on your man for long
‘cause a thirsty bitch will be on her knees slipping his condom on.


One nigga don’t stop no show
Not for them thirsty bitches
Letting floods of praise sweep the Lord’s house on Sunday
after letting a stampede dogs loose in their cathouse the night before.


They got their pound open, a bag of milk bones
and a collar box full of lost and found badges
To keep their catch sheltered, comfy
and compensated through the night
‘Cause them thirsty bitches are always thinking on their feet.


Thirsty bitches don’t mind keeping it in the family
Their dogs absolutely love it…
They’ll take your man, your sister’s man, your mama’s man
and they’ll even take your uncle’s man
‘cause only a thirsty bitch is convinced she got the mother lode
to make a sweet nigga hard.


Don’t get in a thirsty bitch’s way
You’re best to step the hell aside
‘cause as soon as she see a pair of pants with a tiny bulge
It’s every thirsty bitch out for herself,
“Never mind sisterhood and friendship, BITCH WHERE THE MEN AT??
so we can pitch our wagons to a cardboard star!”


That’s the thirsty bitches’ anthem…
Ride ‘em hard ‘till he’s soft and sore
and he can’t stand the sight of your smothering desperate ass no more…
Until he hit’s the door and use his nose
to sniff, sniff, sniff his way back to the main bitch he adores;
that headquarters bitch who never gave Fido a solid reason
to stray in the first place.
Of course she’ll take him back,
fuck him, remarry him then crank out more kids
after a courtesy slap on the face.


And once all the dogs go back to their scorned owners,
what are you gonna do then, thirsty bitches?
I know…
Rest up, pump up and hit the streets some more
‘cause a ho’s work is never done.


Stay safe out there…


Woman tryin to look sexy drawing

Poem (not picture or artwork) ©Copyright 2013 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.