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Beach Sunset 3

The Passing of Life©

             Written by: Arose N Daghetto


The blooming of a flower gives it beauty

but the bees only notice the core

where they draw nourishment from.


The apple adorns a tree with jewels from nature

but the harvester only sees a few saved doctor visits

when he plucks it off the branches.


The roots never reach past the earth’s surface

yet everything it produces is knocked down

and their legacy is told through commercial buildings.


A boy grows with the fullness of his mother’s love

into man empty of his father’s respect

so he leaves his home to build his name in another tribe.


most people come into this life whole

and leave divided.

Yet life continues to beget life

without notice…

without pain.


Poem (not picture) ©2013 by Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.

Stripper Pole 1

Thirsty Bitches©

        ~Written by Arose N Daghetto

God bless them thirsty bitches
They hustle harder than a pimp in the summertime
Heed to water instead of blood
Slave to gratification and shun the refined.


God bless those thirsty bitches…
Punnanies of imitation gold, hearts of onyx
Take it in the back while pitchin’ pennies in a fountain
May luck never tire your feet nor the flame in your heat.


God bless them thirsty bitches,
their knives and the bleeding backs who wear their wounds.
Those hall of fame bitches who never think of growing old
Heaven forbid their well runs dry…
what would they feed their dogs?


Thirsty bitches have a harem of men
Yet still be curious about who you bringing home
Better not turn your back on your man for long
‘cause a thirsty bitch will be on her knees slipping his condom on.


One nigga don’t stop no show
Not for them thirsty bitches
Letting floods of praise sweep the Lord’s house on Sunday
after letting a stampede dogs loose in their cathouse the night before.


They got their pound open, a bag of milk bones
and a collar box full of lost and found badges
To keep their catch sheltered, comfy
and compensated through the night
‘Cause them thirsty bitches are always thinking on their feet.


Thirsty bitches don’t mind keeping it in the family
Their dogs absolutely love it…
They’ll take your man, your sister’s man, your mama’s man
and they’ll even take your uncle’s man
‘cause only a thirsty bitch is convinced she got the mother lode
to make a sweet nigga hard.


Don’t get in a thirsty bitch’s way
You’re best to step the hell aside
‘cause as soon as she see a pair of pants with a tiny bulge
It’s every thirsty bitch out for herself,
“Never mind sisterhood and friendship, BITCH WHERE THE MEN AT??
so we can pitch our wagons to a cardboard star!”


That’s the thirsty bitches’ anthem…
Ride ‘em hard ‘till he’s soft and sore
and he can’t stand the sight of your smothering desperate ass no more…
Until he hit’s the door and use his nose
to sniff, sniff, sniff his way back to the main bitch he adores;
that headquarters bitch who never gave Fido a solid reason
to stray in the first place.
Of course she’ll take him back,
fuck him, remarry him then crank out more kids
after a courtesy slap on the face.


And once all the dogs go back to their scorned owners,
what are you gonna do then, thirsty bitches?
I know…
Rest up, pump up and hit the streets some more
‘cause a ho’s work is never done.


Stay safe out there…


Woman tryin to look sexy drawing

Poem (not picture or artwork) ©Copyright 2013 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.

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Precious 2


            ~Written by Arose N Daghetto


I love my fat face,
with my fat cheeks
My fat hands
with my black knuckles…
My fat thighs
with my black knee caps
and my fat ass
(you should see it in action when I do my bad ass walk)…


I love my soft squeezable abs
and my bountiful boobs to boot.
I definitely love my strong working arms
and the strong working legs
that carries this big fat ass.


It’s ok that God didn’t make my body
to appeal to picky perfection guys like yourself.
Last I checked, I never said I was on the market
or looking for a man
You came to me… what you see is what you get.


No, you might not ever catch me in a two piece bikini,
but I can work the hell out of a one piece with a sarong
and turn just as many heads with my bad ass walk
(‘cause it takes a confident fat ass to have a bad ass walk)…


Maybe there’s a reason why
my lifelong battle with weight was never won.
Maybe there’s a reason why my father always shadowed me
with constant reminders about my weight to this day.


Fat cracks used to send me to my room crying as a teen…
Today, it’s just a day in the life.
It doesn’t bother me but encourages me
to be comfortable as is,
not as someone rather I’d be.
I’m not worried about my fatness keeping me
from getting dates and marriage proposals…
I’m a soldier.
I came into this world without a man
and I shall leave this world without a man.


My desirability isn’t based on
how many men lust and drool after me
and my fatness doesn’t revoke
my license to be beautiful nonetheless
I won’t apologize for my weight,
I only thank GOD for my health.
I wish you the best in finding that tight sleek prototype
who looks like she stepped fresh out of a rap video
and don’t feel so bad looking at all that ugliness
teasing you every time you streak pass a mirror…
As long as your Sports Illustrated princess
still finds you irresistible
then you should be good.


Now, if you excuse me,
I’m gonna haul my big fat ass into a kitchen
and make myself a candlelight dinner for one.


Living Color Men on Film LOL

Poem (not pictures) ©Copyright 2013 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.




                      ~Written By Arose N Daghetto


Love has taught me to see things
I refused to see
It coaxed me ingest theories
that defy my beliefs,
and behave on the contrary to
my uncompromising biblical upbringing


Love showed me culture
in the uterus of mother Diaspora
who salvaged my maiden name
from the dying pulse of America’s holocaust


Love taught me how to kneel
on naked knees
to pray in the mud
with a quiet mind
and a wrinkle-free conscience


Love taught me how to press my face
against the earth’s thirsting belly
and listen for rain
and the hunger pangs of thunder
To be grateful
for the rain that came and went
should there be no more rain, ever.


Love taught me how to be creative
in my afflictions
It taught me how to take notes
and verse life
in its bowels of pestilence.


Love taught me how to manifest liberation
out of the things I can’t see
or touch
or can taste
or smell.


Love taught me how to behave
by using the bones of my ghettotude
as soup base that brings together
the ingredients of gentility
brewing in the gathering pot


Love taught me to be patient
gentle and tending
To be empty like a cup ready to be filled
with slow steady stream of erudition
at the table for one


Love taught me the art of giving
and receiving
the irony of earning the worst
out losing the best
and still manage to make something
out of nothing.


Love has been my prophesy
my apocalypse
and my revelation
in one night,
but my resurrection
and ascension
at daybreak.


Love taught me how to speak its language
to think as Love would think
speak as Love would speak
reason as Love would reason
and subsist as Love would subsist


Love has taught me many things
But most importantly
Love has showed me the gain of life
through the loss of you.


Poem and picture ©Copyright 2012 By Arose N Daghetto for Black Girl Down Publications. All Rights Reserved.


Key to the heart necklace


                ~Written By: Arose N Daghetto

                (Dedicated to my Exes)


I don’t need a man to tell me

I’m beautiful

or special

or sexy

I know I am all these things

whether there’s a crowd around me

or it’s only me

whether it’s first thing in the morning

or at the end of the day

I can feel all these things

whether I’m happy, sad,

angry or in between



However way people perceive me

or talk about me

one thing is for sure

I’m a strong woman

not made to be loved by just any man

I’m a straight, no chaser woman

not made to be just anyone’s friend



I’m a fierce woman

not made to win popularity contests

I’m a woman with raw beauty

not made for beauty pageants

I’m heavy woman

not made to be taken lightly

I’m a commanding woman

made to intimidate cowards

and entice the courageous



I’m a complex woman

made to be misunderstood

more than understood

I’m a deep woman

made to hold a lot

as well as carry a lot



I’m an old school woman

made by the lessons taught

in my great grandmothers’ classroom

I’m a spiritual woman

made from the tears

of a flawless God



I am all woman

true woman

incredible woman

reaped in the sun

sown in the night

cultivated by earth,

wind and fire

worth more than ashes and dust

compared to silver validated by gold

and not for sale



This is me


I am who I am.


Poem (not picture) ©Copyright 2012 By Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.


a conscious love that feels as good

as milk is to the bones

as sleep is to the body

as rich money is to a tycoon

and shoes is to a shopaholic.


a love that’s as saturating

as a gallon of Honeysuckle tea

sweetened by the Carolina sun

as scandalous as a glass

of the finest Tuscan wine

pouring into an old jelly glass

as satisfying as a warm water bottle

resting on aching muscles.


a love that’s as grand

as a marooned billboard

searing over interstate 40

as hungry as a starving artist

painting Paris in Harlem

as beautifying as a mosaic

of corner store murals

cast over murky street graffiti.


a love as tender as the way

the Force MD’s sung it in 1984

as touching as the first dance we shared

in the middle of our favorite rib shack

as healing as the antique tub

that swathed our young bodies

in a pool of fervent bliss.  


a crucial love

as precious as the long walk

down the velvet aisle

as providential as the kiss we shared

in a do-it-yourself church

that faded with time.


a long standing love

as invigorating as our youth

as timeless as the stories we share

in our twilight years

while sipping pink lemonade

on our worn wooden patio

enjoying each other’s company

as we welcome the sunset

and the drawing of our last breath

in each other’s arms…



 ©Poem (not picture below) Copyright 2011 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise.

All Rights Reserved



    Written by Arose N Daghetto


His eye is on the sparrow

a sparrow named


Wondrous is his name

and the elders who gave birth

to him.

Blessed are the tidings that come

from time spent kneeling

at his beloved feet.

Blessed are the psalms to be written

about the sparrow named


Blessed are the songs to be sung

praising his good deeds

to all men.

If God was to come down to earth

chances are

he would be a sparrow

A sparrow wrapped in human flesh

who calls himself









In human clothing

And he shall be called



Poem (not picture) Ó Copyright 2012 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.


We LovedÓ

       -Written by Arose N Daghetto


We loved

For far too brief

It was like

you whispered goodbye

Minutes after

you whispered hello.

We loved deeply



On borrowed time…

We sold ourselves

to the devil

for a chance

to be greedy




plunging head strong

in a pool

Of hardcore


The kind of love

you gave me

was one I waited

a lifetime

to get my arms around,

lips around,

legs around,

mind, body, soul

and sex around

Not many men

moved me

But you did…

I made a fuss

of everything

in this hateful world

But you calmed me

I cursed society

but you made me respect


and showed me

the power

of human nature.

I can’t recall any time

I received a quarter

of the love

you’ve given me…

you filled me to the rim,

my cup runneth over…

We loved hard



all so suddenly

only for the music to stop

all too soon…

To dance with your shadow

and woo your absence

to toss and turn

and burn baby burn

in iced stone cold sheets…

To reach into the night

And clutch a handful

of emptiness.

I lost the melody

I found

In that moment

When we caught each other


We loved

didn’t we baby?

we loved enough

to stand

the test of time

too bad

we didn’t.


Poem (not picture) Ó Copyright 2012 by Arose N Daghetto for Quiet Storm Enterprise. All Rights Reserved.



The Chameleonic Color of RedÓ

                               Written by: Arose N Daghetto


The color red is a dominant color because it’s actively present in humans. It is a color that represents emotion. It is a color that represents life and the act of giving life (such as conception, child-birth or donating blood). The color red has a large family of names, like scarlet, wine, magenta, maroon, pink, fuchsia, rose, brick, among other names.

The color red is symbolic to many vital things. The color red is connected to emotion. Anger, passion, love, shame or embarrassment animates the color of red vividly.  A long-stemmed red rose or a red heart picture are usually the common mouthpieces used to articulate the love or passion emotion. Most people rely on the rose or a heart image because it visually provides the feelings that ordinary words might fail to provide.

Fire or red smoke are the common tools for expressing anger. A red emotion is seen when a cartoon character whose scorching red-head is frying an eggs while red smoke blows out their ears or when a person’s blood is boiling so much tension on the inside that their entire skin complexion is red on the outside.

Whenever there is a reference to hell, there is the usual red devil with a pitch fork standing in the middle of this fiery underground world. Fire, being symbolic to wrath or anger.

Shame or embarrassment are two emotions silently carried out through shades of red, whether it’s in one’s flushed cheeks or in ones teary eyes. Scarlet, another form of red, is often referred to as the “chastening color”. Scarlet tends to draw attention to the person wearing the color, subjecting him or her to abasement, humility and solemnity.

In terms of sensations, the color red symbolizes heat from mild warmth to very hot temperature. Therefore a warm hug from a friend or a burning sensation of hot boiling water spitting at your hand while you’re cooking can both reveal the color of red through the afflicted’s eyes.

The color red is not only symbolic to the root of emotion but also the feeder of emotion. Blood. Blood is not only the source of life as well as the fuel for igniting emotions. Blood is often used metaphorically such as pleading “The blood of Jesus” on a dire situation or investing “blood, sweat and tears” into a certain feat. 

The color red is also metaphoric to caution or danger, such as the sign that posted on the door leading to an electrical area or a biohazard material. It is a symbol meaning “stop” or to  “wave the red flag” in one’s conscience to forewarn them of a harmful person or situation.

If you travel to some indigenous parts of the world like Africa, the Caribbean, and particularly the southern regions across North America, you will red dirt roads and red Aztec-like  mountains. You will see children and adults who inhabit these areas with reddish, fiery yellow hair from being out in the sun for long periods of time.

Ethnically speaking, the color red is found in the rosy cheeks and lips Europeans. You will find red undertones in the desert sand skin of the Middle Eastern, Native Americans and Latin Americans. Hints of red undertones are also prevalent in those natives who have chestnut-brown colored hair.

The color red is also encrypted in the names of certain states. For example, The entire mid-east and part of the mid-west region of the United States, was labeled “Indian Territory”, which meant Native Americans owned and governed the area, at the time.  However, the state of Oklahoma was known by several other names such as, “Land of the Red People” and “Red People Territory“.  Oklahoma is a name derived by the Choctaw word for “Red Person“. More specifically, the Choctaw spelling “ukla”, for people and “huma” for the color red.

Thus, the color red takes on many faces. It entertains the human eye through its many manifestations. It changes colors depending on it mood and the person who bears the “red-inspired emotion. The color red is chameleonic and it can entertain us as well as teach us the importance of life. The color red is deep, riveting, sexy, and harsh. It doesn’t show mercy nor is it apologetic when exposing its color through its reluctant subject. The color red speaks in truth. The color red exposes hidden emotions for what it’s worth. The color red always has been and always will be very much alive.


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